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As a key player in global education, we have more than 2000 students graduating each year in more than 20 countries, making us the largest and most international business school in the Netherlands.Lexo me shume...

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What is ISSAT?

ISSAT is an Institution of Higher Education founded, licensed and accredited by authorities of the country in order to offer Master Studies, short term Specialization Courses and Strategic Researches. With an outstanding profile in Albanian academic reality, as an Institution of Specializations and Training, Institution of Higher Education, ISSAT, aims to create the Albanian Elite.

With its activity, it contributes directly in: advanced and contemporary qualification of all individuals interested in deepening and enlarging the knowledge; in promotion of intellectual capacities; improvement of public and private administration, creation of business foundations and its strengthening, enlargement of international cooperation and further emancipation of other important factors for development of Albania.

ISSAT is accredited by Ministry of Education and Science by Order of Minister of Education No. 207 of 12. 04. 2010.

Its accreditation was made into levels: institutional accreditation and accreditation of Master Programs.

ISSAT is the first and the only institution in Albania that organized Master Studies of Second Level (with accredited programs) and awarded diplomas to two generations of students in six fields of study:

  • Business management
  • FINANCE –accounting
  • International law
  • European studies & diplomacy
  • social & cOMmUNIcAtION psychology
  • Health management

In academic years 2008-2010 and 2009-2011, ISSAT realized Master Studies of Second Level in cooperation with University of Business and International Studies (Geneva, Switzerland), offering Master curricula with the most advanced standards.

At the completion of MA program, students received two diplomas: Diploma Master of Second Level of ISSAT and Diploma MBA issued by UBIS.

Success of cooperation with UBIS is an indicator of ISSAT professionalism and vision for offering the most contemporary studies competing with the European level.

Immediate admission, absorption by labor market of ISSAT graduates demonstrates the values of this institution qualitative and serious qualification.

Organization of seminars and conferences in ISSAT with the most well known local and foreign academic personalities, representatives of international organizations in Albania gave to ISSAT the weight of an elite and outstanding institution.

ISSAT Honor President is Mr. René van der Linden, President of Dutch Senate and former President of European Commission.


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