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Scientific Research in Issat

IAL ISSAT initiated a scientific activity that is realized through individual studies of lecturers, individual studies and students’ studies in a team, conferences, research projects and publications. Individual studies occupy the main place.

In accordance with the requirements of “Law on Higher Education”, IAL ISSAT has clear visions and it has identified and drafted programs in the field of study and scientific research with short-term, midterm and long-term planning.

Programs are based on the scientific and research work and attention of the academic staff and teaching units.

This undertaking was realized in cooperation with ISSAT international partners:

University of Business and International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland and Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands).

Scenes its creation, IAL ISSAT tried to promote evolution, research dynamism attempting more and more to be in the lines of contemporary research.

Institute of Strategic Studies and Training is the unit, which has as a secondary duty the scientific research in IAL ISSAT.

An important aim for IAL ISSAT was and remains the conduct of advanced post university courses in the following fields:

  • Projects Management
  • Banking Management
  • Business Management, Public Health
  • Management of Human Resources,
  • Media and Communication,
  • Legal Advise in Commercial Companies,
  • Public Services, etc.

Organization of the above-mentioned qualification courses comes as a demand of Albanian institutions to increase capacities of human resources capable to face challenges of country's development.

The Center for Research, Development and Innovations conducts a scientific activity in different fields in the framework of support for the teaching process.

In its policies, the Center carries out the activity for research and development in accordance with Institution’s development programs.

The Center for Research, Development and Innovations exercises its activity also in accordance with priority fields of country’s research-development given in the National Programs for Research and Development, as: Health, Water and Energy, Agriculture, Food and Biotechnology, Systems of Technology and Information, Biodiversity and Environment, Social and Albanology Sciences.

In the field of research, the Center developed activities in the direction of scientific information orientated in the developmental fields of economic sciences, social sciences, European studies and diplomacy, in international relations, etc.

IAL ISSAT principal directions in scientific research were and remain:

The EU international programs (European Union Framework Program-FP7), Program of Network European Research Area (SEE ERA-Net), bilateral programs between countries of the region (INTERREG, RRPP-Switzerland) between Ministry of Education and Science of Albania counterpart ministries in the region and beyond, etc.

Another important direction was also research in the framework of preparation of micro thesis by students.

IAL ISSAT applied also in 5 different international projects, from which replies of assessment commissions are expected (TEMPUS_EU, Jean Monet_EU, SCOPES_Switzerland, RRPP-Switzerland, Erasmus Mundus_EU).

The Center for Research, Development and Innovations gives an evident contribution to the development of academic post university programs, especially in the preparation of seminars, scientific and research references for preparation of micro theses in accordance with study fields and the newest international standards.

The center has included in its activity the institution staff, specialists from the best known in the country from developmental fields, but also foreign specialists from research scientific institutions, from State and private universities.

Results of research projects were made known through organization of different conferences in an institutional level according to the fields and specialties, and also in those with a larger participation (Open Conferences) in which the invitees were well known foreign personalities from politics, economy, scientific research, social and sociological sciences, business administration, political diplomatic foreign representations accredited in Albania.

From indicators to date, students’ outcomes, use of IAL ISSAT research outputs by them, it appears that research products are implemented in Institution’s activity, they serve to it, but there is also an interest by post university research community in the country; this is evaluated by the interest of administration institutions and scientific institutions, which are interested to know, select and employ the contingent of students prepared in this institution.

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