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As a key player in global education, we have more than 2000 students graduating each year in more than 20 countries, making us the largest and most international business school in the Netherlands.Lexo me shume...

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Priorities of studying in ISSAT

  • Institutional Accreditation and accreditation ISSAT MASTER Programs by Ministry of Education and Science.
  • Cooperation agreements with counterpart institutions abroad and their concrete implementation.
  • Cooperation with foreign universities and offer of common diplomas with these universities shows that IAL ISSAT is tending towards internationalism, as a possibility to be better adapted in the European Area of Higher Education and Research, by preparing specialists, who compete successfully in the European labor market but also to attract students from the region and beyond.
  • IAL ISSAT MASTER Programs are contemporary and of a high and outstanding quality. MASTER Study programs guarantee preparation of students in accordance with MA Study standards in European auditoriums.
  • Immediate admission, absorption of ISSAT graduates by labor market.
  • A very intensive and systematic interest on the part of applicants for IAL ISSAT MASTER Programs testifies for the value of Studies and the successful admission of graduates from this institution by the market.
  • Institutionalization of internal evaluation monitored also by international partners and inclusion of students in the evaluation process is a guarantee for meeting the highest quality standards.
  • Exchange of academic staff in teaching in universities, with which, IAL ISSAT has signed agreements, and organization of different activities (conferences, forums, seminars, etc.) enables the enrichment of experiences and socialization.
  • Combination of teaching with scientific research enables a competent and contemporary preparation of students.

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