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As a key player in global education, we have more than 2000 students graduating each year in more than 20 countries, making us the largest and most international business school in the Netherlands.Lexo me shume...

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Mission and Values

ISSAT is the Institution of Albanian Elite creation.

In Albanian academic reality, ISSAT profile is unique, because ISSAT organizes and offers only Post University Studies, profiling as an Institution of Post University Specializations and Training.

ISSAT promotes European dimension of higher education, especially with regard to curricula development, inter-institutional cooperation and programs of integrated studies, training and research.

Its objective is advanced and contemporary qualification of all individuals interested in deepening and perfecting their knowledge, techniques, and professional results.

ISSAT Activity Objectives

  • to create, transmit, develop and defend the knowledge by teaching, scientific research and services;
  • to provide preparation of students in accordance with standards of MA studies in European auditoriums;
  • to guarantee a professional academic and research process in accordance with the change of society needs and demands;
  • to prepare higher and new specialists in licensed fields;
  • to offer study programs in accordance with market demands and needs;
  • to contribute and help the economic and social development in a national and regional level;
  • to promote and develop scientific curiosity, critical and analytical thinking and cultivation of accountability sensitivity and feeling and commitment towards human being, community, cultures, different events and issues that preoccupy the individual and community.
  • The most well known personalities of academic activity in Albania are involved in ISSAT.

Academic process in ISSAT is managed by the most selected professors for qualitative teaching and excellent professional, scientific and research capacities.

  • Labor market evaluates Master Programs offered by ISSAT as very useful. Employment of students graduated in ISSAT is a strong testimony of qualitative and results yielding qualification in ISSAT.
  • ISSAT guarantees an educational and research process in accordance with the change of society needs and requirements, and changes that come from development and scientific research results.
  • ISSAT is a precursor of development needs of individual, society, State and business development, ISSAT identifies fields, means, organizing and realizing structures and scenarios. In this framework, after a professional analysis of business reality in Albania, ISSAT formulated and organized qualification studies in the field of Business and Finance, aiming at preparation of managers and directors, who more and more need to be involved in treatment and solution of (not only local) business issues, with adequate capacities and techniques. For this purpose, ISSAT signed a cooperation agreement with Tirana Chamber of Commerce by undertaking to qualify managers of institutions or businesses who aim to be orientated better in the field of their activity and to perfect management methods.
  • ISSAT is the Institution, in which real value, standard and development are the most concrete and distinctive aim.
  • ISSAT aims at an institutional environment, in which human and professional qualities are affirmed and qualified, but it is also a source of experiences and visions to serve the country's development.

With a true professional responsibility, ISSAT will prepare you for the most competent and competing career.

  • ISSAT has created the most favorable academic and professional conditions for the successful preparation of future generations.
  • ISSAT owns the necessary infrastructure and contemporary teaching technology for realization of Master Study programs.

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