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As a key player in global education, we have more than 2000 students graduating each year in more than 20 countries, making us the largest and most international business school in the Netherlands.Lexo me shume...

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ISSAT History

Institution of Higher Education ISSAT has its beginning in the creation of Institute of Strategic Studies and Training in 2006, which conducted professional training courses (post university level), licensed by Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

Institution of Higher Education ISSAT functions pursuant to Law No. 9741 of 21.5.2007, “On Higher Education in Republic of Albania”, amended by Law No. 9832 of 12.11.2007, on decisions and bylaws that derive from it and pursuant to Decree of Council of Ministers No. 466 of 16 April 2008 and Decree of Council of Ministers No. 565 of 28.05. 2009.

ISSAT was created from an educational and scientific nucleus of Institute of Strategic Studies and Training with a qualitative activity in organization of advanced executive courses in priority fields for the development of the country and according to demands of market and public administration, with achievements that after training sessions appeared with very positive records in administration and with successful employment of participants in these courses.

Starting from demands in the field of higher education in general and Master Studies in special profiles with interest for the market and research-development in Albania, in accordance with demands for changes of standards in higher education according to Bologna Process, based also on the experience acquired in the activity conducted in ISSAT, on international experience in higher education, based on agreements and cooperation with European universities, the idea arose for the creation of higher education institution ISSAT.

IAL ISSAT was licensed for the conduct of Master Programs, when they had not yet started in any of the country's private universities, with new programs in accordance with Bologna Process standards and requirements and in cooperation with well known foreign universities (UBIS University of Business and International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland; Maastricht, Netherlands, QHM NY, USA).

ISSAT cooperated during the programs drafting process and it continues to cooperate also in the direction of realization of teaching process (with monitoring for quality evaluation, with managerial advice of the institution and with academic resources).

IAL ISSAT was licensed on 16.04.2008 to conduct Master programs, in cooperation with well known foreign universities (UBIS, Geneva, Switzerland; Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands).

This institution is licensed to conduct its activity in the field of Higher Education with two Faculties:

  1. Finance - Bank Faculty
  2. Business Administration Faculty

Pursuant to Decree of Council of Ministers of 16.04.2008, IAL ISSAT was entitled to offer Master study programs in:

  • Strategy of Enterprises and Economic Policy
  • Bank and Financial Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • International Business
  • Terrorism Management
  • Management of Information Systems

Later, with Decree of Council of Ministers No. 565 of 28.05. 2009, Institution of Higher Education ISSAT was entitled to open new study programs:

Master of First Level in:

  • International Law
  • European Studies and Diplomacy
  • Health Management
  • Social and communication Psychology

Master of Second Level in:

  • Business Management
  • Finance Accounting
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Tourism Management
  • European Studies and Diplomacy
  • International Law
  • Health Management
  • Social and Communication Psychology

Starting from IAL ISSAT achievements in meeting its objectives and internal evaluation for the Institution and Master Programs that it conducted, APAAL (Public Agency of Higher Education Accreditation) carried out the accreditation process of the Institution and MA Programs, a process that was finalized by Order No. 207 of 12.04.2010 of Minister of Education and Science.

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