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Internal Quality Assurance

Pursuant to requirements of Law “On Higher Education in Republic of Albania”, ISSAT made the following steps with regard to internal quality assurance:

  1. It approved the document of Internal Assessment Policy.
  2. It institutionalized the process of quality assessment, by establishing the Internal Quality Assurance Unit.
  3. It created the committee that acts permanently in the framework of this unit.

Specialists with many years of experience in the field of education and science inside and outside the country were selected for the Internal Quality Assurance Unit.

Since IAL ISSAT has official cooperation agreement with UBIS (University of Business and International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland), the latter made some observation and assessment missions on meeting of standards by IAL ISSAT.

Quality control is made according to the study programs by groups composed of specialists of the fields, who are proposed by managers of departments and are approved by the rector.

Control of teaching quality is made also based on questionnaires, which are distributed to be filled in by students for each lecturer after completion of a cycle of lectures by him/her and prior to knowledge control by him/her.

Questionnaires data of pedagogical body are processed by Department of Curriculum and they are given to the Rector, who analyzes the data and reports them to IAL ISSAT President and Academic Senate.

A valuable contribution in assessment of teaching process quality in IAL ISSAT, is given also by international institutions with which IAL operates, as: UBIS, University of Business and International Studies, Geneva and Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands.

UBIS exercises frequent control on quality in IAL ISSAT, for the institution and its programs, which are part of the agreement between the two institutions, as a condition set for recognition of reference to UBIS Diploma.

UBIS also carried out training sessions regarding administration institution administration, quality assessment that should be done in accordance with standards and by UBIS, the methods of collection, organization and processing of database.

At the completion of the academic year, data on indicators of teaching and research-and scientific activity are added to data for IAL ISSAT students, which become part of UBIS database, which are administered by a very well known international company (POTOMAC, USA).

During the conduct of Master Programs by UBIS (University of Business and International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland), quality control process was continuously carried out in IAL ISSAT, in the framework of implementation of the Agreement signed between the two Institutions).

Monitoring included many indicators, as: a) indicators of application form of students to be admitted to Master Programs; b) of assessment by interviews, c) of data base for admitted students; d) indicators of evaluation of knowledge level; e) indicators of evaluation of lecturers by students, attendance; f) quality of students' outcomes; g) teaching indicators; j) administrative and financial indicators.

Quality control data are part of self-evaluation reports of teaching process and they are preserved in the institution archive. They are available for MES and AAAL in cases of controls by them.

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